High Power Inductors by High Saturation Fe Based Material

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Powdered iron inductors which provide for high power density in smaller areas. The SPM series inductors exhibit high saturation currents and are an alternative to Coilcraft XAL series and Vishay IHLP series inductors. The SPM series inductors come in multiple case sizes, heights and inductance values


• Magnetic shield type wound inductor for power circuits using a metallic magnetic material
• Low-profile product lineup with maximum heights of 1.2mm and 3.0mm allowing for different usages
• Compared to ferrite wound type inductors, it is possible to achieve large current, low Rdc, and compactness
• Low inductance variance in high-temperature environments with good DC superimposition characteristics
• Metallic magnetic material is used, and the structure has an integrated molded coil, so hum noise is lower than with core adhesive coils


• POLs
• Mid-level power supplies
• Low profile power supplies for:◦ Tablets
◦ Portable equipment
◦ Industrial applications