Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (ALU)

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EPCOS offers a huge variety of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. ALU caps are extensively used in multiple fields of applications such as power electronics, automotive electronics, traction and many more. Advantages of using ALU capacitors offer an excellent price/performance ratio which makes it a preferable solution. There are several types of ALU caps such as screw terminals, snap-in type 4-5 pin, snap-in type axial leaded, soldering star type and radial leaded. Screw and snap-in terminals are widely used in industrial applications, green energy and medical applications while radial and axial are generally used in automotive applications. 


• Industrial Electronics
    ◦ Frequency Converters
    ◦ Uninterruptible Power Supply
    ◦ Solar Inverters
    ◦ Professional Power Supply
    ◦ Wind Power Converters
    ◦ House Appliances

• Automotive
    ◦ Automotive Electronics
    ◦ Electronic Power Conversion
    ◦ Applications with high vibration stability
    ◦ Applications for high ripple current


B41605 Datasheet (PDF)
B41607 Datasheet (PDF)
B43504 Datasheet (PDF)
B43508 Datasheet (PDF)