High-Current Chokes

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Compact electrical and electronic equipment primarily generates common-mode interference.  In order to meet the safety requirements (keeping within the leakage current limits), chokes with a high asymmetrically effective inductance must be used. Current compensated chokes with a closed core topology are especially suitable for this purpose.   The problem of core material saturation due to the useful current is solved in these designs by winding two coils with equal number of turns on the core. These coils are connected in such a way that the magnetic flux induced by the upper coil is compensated by the lower coil.  The chokes are available in vertical or horizontal versions.


• Glueless design
• Low leakage inductance (1%)
• High voltages 600 V/1000 V
• UL class F (155°C)


• Frequency converters
• Solar converters
• Switch mode power supplies
• Household appliances