PFC Capacitors


The PhaseCap® Compact developed by EPCOS is a new series of PFC capacitors distinguished by its long operating life and large pulse strength. The inrush current can reach up to 300 times and the overcurrent up to twice the rated value. The capacitors are based on the proven MKK technology featuring concentric three-phase capacitor windings. They reach an operating life of up to 130,000 hours to temperature class -40/D and up to 180,000 hours to temperature class -40/C.

Thanks to its compact design, the B25673A series is ideally suited for incorporation in switching cabinets. The range covers types from 230 to 525 V AC at 50/60 Hz with reactive powers of between 5.0 and 30 kvar. The capacitors are factory-equipped with shock hazard protected terminals with high pulse strength for various cable diameters.

Like all PFC capacitors from EPCOS, the new series is also self-healing thanks to the MKK technology and a polypropylene dielectric. In addition, the capacitors have an overpressure disconnector that separates them from the power grid in the event of a fault.

PFC capacitors are part of the comprehensive EPCOS product range for power factor correction, which also comprises controllers, thyristor modules, capacitor contactors, reactors and discharge resistors.


  • Compact design in cylindrical aluminum can with stud
  • Concentric winding
  • MKK-technology with wavy cut and heavy edge
  • Voltage range 230 V … 800 V
  • Output range 5.0 kvar … 36 kvar


  • Automatic PFC equipment
  • Capacitor banks
  • Individual fixed PFC (e.g. motors, transformers, lighting)
  • Group fixed PFC
  • Tuned and detuned capacitor banks
  • Filter applications
  • Dynamic PFC