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For compact frequency converters in the power class up to about 40 kW, EPCOS now offers space-saving MKP link circuit capacitors of the DC Link HD series (B3277*) with a high capacitance density. These self-healing capacitors cover the voltage range from 450 to 1300 V DC and are available with capacitance values of between 1.5 and 110 μF. With their low ESR of down to 3.0 mΩ and small ESL of 10 nH, they offer a ripple current capability of up to 20 A at 70 °C and 10 kHz.

The DC Link HP series (B3267*) is optimized for high power densities. It is designed for voltages between 450 and 1050 V DC and offers capacitance values between 0.47 and 60 μF. These MKP capacitors feature a high ripple current capability of up to 23 A.

To further increase the competitiveness of the standard MKT series B3252*, EPCOS has introduced the following changes:

  • Miniaturization of existing capacitance values (B3252xE*)
  • Extension with additional capacitance values in lead spacing (LS) 22.5 and 27.5
  • Extension of product range in LS 37.5 (B3252xR*)


• Covers voltage range 450 to 1300 V DC
• For compact frequency converters in the power class up to about 40 kW
• Designed for a service life of 200 000 hours
• Can be operated at a temperature of up to 105 °C
• Four-pin versions are also available for applications requiring increased vibration stability


• IT / Telecom
• Consumer electronics: Household appliances, EMC/ESD
• Industrial electronics: EMC/ESD, Power conversion
• Automotive electronics