DC to AC Inverters

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TDK offers a broad product line of power supplies for virtually every display application. DC/AC inverters are available in low profile, narrow width and compact packages. The CXA series of DC/AC inverters for driving CCFLs features high frequency sine-wave oscillation available in non-dimming and dimming. Dimming functions by three methods of brightness control: voltage, resistive, or PWM. DC/AC inverters are low-noise voltage resonant circuits with configurations for 1, 2, 4 and 8 lamps. Constant current output ensures compatibility with a wide range of lamps and LCD panels.


• Low profile
• Wide operating temperature range
• High efficiency
• Regulated output current
• Available with and without dimming function
• Alarm signal/lamp failure signal
• Silicon coating in high voltage area


• Industrial Process Control system
• Point of Sale/Kiosks
• Medical equipment
• Test & Measurement Equipment
• Security/Surveillance
• Financial/Brokerage
• Handheld Device such as GPS
• Marines Electronics systems