Inrush Current Limiters (ICL)

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The thermal properties of a Power NTC can be used to limit harmful switch-on currents of capacitive loads. EPCOS Inrush Current Limiters are safe and reliable protection for capacitive loads in switching circuits and for soft starting of inductive loads.


  • Rated resistance (25°C) 1 to 80 Ω
  • Max. permissible current 1.3 to 20.0 A
  • No current derating between 0 - 65°C
  • UL approval (E69802)
  • Various lead-forms available
    • Straight ( Catalog Standard
  • Inside kink
  • Outside kink


  • Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Soft Starting of Electric Motors
  • Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts
  • Transformers
  • Set Top Box
  • Power Supplies
  • DC Bus Capacitor Charging Banks
  • Control Boards for White Goods
  • Inverter – Motor Drives
  • Consumer Electronics