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Surge Arrestors also known as Gas Discharge Tubes or Surge Voltage Protectors (SVPs), are hermetically sealed ceramic tubes consisting of two or three electrodes (one or two chambers) spaced by insulators and filled with a rare gas. EPCOS brand GDT cover a wide spectrum of protection and switching applications - from light to maximum duty, from standard devices to the most customized products. EPCOS is able to find the best match for the most diverse requirements.


• Reliable voltage limitation
• High current discharge capability
• Low self capacitance
• High insulation resistance (GOhm)


• LED Lighting – outdoor applications
• Phone line protection
• WiMax
• Cable Modems
• Set top boxes
• Central office equipment
• Subscriber / Station protection
• Outside plant
• Coax
• CATV applications
• Switching applications - HID, igniters
• Security and alarm
• Cellular base stations
• Remote gate openers
• Power supplies
• Ballasts
• TVSS modules