NANONICS and MICRODOT Microminiature D Connectors from TE Connectivity – Small Connector Systems for High-performance/High-reliability Applications in Military and Aerospace, and Oil and Gas

TE Connectivity’s MICRODOT line is a small form factor connector series that is well-suited where limited space or reduced weight are critical requirements.

  • Low Engagement Force
  • Available in Solder Cup and Solid or Stranded Wire Terminations
  • Mating Force Maximum is 10 oz.
  • Durable – No Known Issues after 500 Mating Cycles
  • Current Rating – 3 Amps Max Per Contact

TE Connectivity’s NANONICS are environmentally sealed circular connectors and represent one of the industry’s smallest and most reliable connector designs.

  • Versatile: 7, 19, and 44 Positions
  • Flexible: Push-pull or Threaded Coupling
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Factory Terminated Assemblies
  • 4 to 16.5 mm Diameter