SWaP is a technology trend embraced by TE Connectivity for new components featuring Smaller sizes, lighter Weight, more Power, and faster data Speeds. These features come together in new lines of next generation components, allowing your new designs to do more, in less space, at lower weights, than ever before.
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  How SWaP Technology may Reduce Wiring Harness Weight
by as much as 30 Percent
TE Connectivity engineers took up the challenge to see how much weight could be saved by optimizing the benefits of SWaP technologies in a fairly typical wiring harness. Utilizing the most efficient performance-to-weight products available – moulded boots, lightweight connectors, high performance wire and cabling, combined with on saving grams on the overall
harness in areas like tubing, transitions and even tape,
TE Connectivity engineers were able to reduce the weight of
the harness by a full 30%. And as you can see from the photo, also reduce size and complexity of the assembly as well.
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