Connectivity Solutions – Keeping Pace with the Rapid Evolution of Embedded Computing Systems

Embedded computing is seeing a rapid evolution in system design requiring connectivity solutions with significant advances in data rates and density. New defense platforms and system upgrades are widely adopting open architecture standards like VPX to increase functionality and enable computing hardware to shrink in size and weight.

Embedded Computing Materials

Embedded Computing Brochure
Includes VPX products
Also Fortis Zd, Fortis LRM

Rugged Embedded Computing

Increase Power, Data and Bandwidth Speed Design with Open Architecture Solutions. Next-generation processors need next-generation connectivity to keep pace with the growing demand for bandwidth even as space, weight, and power savings become critical.

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High-speed Copper Solutions

TE's latest high speed solutions for the Aerospace, Defense and Marine industries. Supporting VITA standards, VPX protocols, Embedded Computing, and wired connections for various protocols up to 10 GB/s.

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Enabling Better Products

Using 3-D modeling tools, we design, model and verify products to provide optimum high-speed performance, to help give you the competitive advantage.

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