Raychem Radial-Leaded Metal Oxide Varistors

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Raychem Circuit Protection’s Radial-Leaded Metal Oxide Varistor (ROV) devices help to provide protection from overvoltage faults such as lightning, power contact, and power induction for a wide variety of power systems. The devices are suitable for a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to: security systems, power supplies, surge strips, motors and telecommunications equipment. The ROV devices help to protect valuable equipment for potential power surge damage by clamping high-energy, short-duration impulses. They also have high current handling and energy absorption capability and fast response times to help protect against transient faults.

The ROV overvoltage protection devices expand Raychem Circuit Protection's portfolio and can offer the circuit board designer a complete overcurrent/overvoltage solution. For example, pairing an ROV device with Raychem Circuit Protection's PolySwitch™ LVR overcurrent protection devices can help provide a completely resettable circuit protection solution for power suppliers, surge strips and control board transformers. In addition, ROV devices can be combined with PolySwitch devices to help provide protection for electric motors, telecommunications equipment, and various other systems.


  • Various diameter sizes: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm
  • Broad varistor voltage range: 18V – 1800V
  • Various surge capabilities: standard, high surge, extra high surge
  • High current handling and energy absorption capability
  • Fast response time
  • Low leakage current
  • Various lead types: straight, kinked, other special lead types
  • Various packaging options: bulk, tape and reel, ammo pack
  • Helps provide overvoltage fault protection for a wide variety of power systems
  • Helps designers meet UL (UL1414 and UL1449 2nd Edition), CSA and VDE standards
  • Helps reduce warranty and service costs
  • Low cost ($/Joule)


  • Power Systems
  • Surge Strips
  • Security Systems
  • Motor Protection
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Automotive Electrical Systems
  • Household Appliances