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TE Connectivity Corporation has introduced the AMPMODU Micro Interconnect System, which is based on high-density 0.8mm centerline contacts. It is designed for cable-to-board, cable-to-cable, and board-to-board applications. The low profile, high-density design is well suited for applications with tight space constraints. The first segment of this release is a cable-to-board version. The AMPMODU Micro Interconnect System may be applied to small electronic equipment such as medical devices, military hardware, test equipment, instrumentation, security products and hand-held devices.

The AMPMODU Micro Interconnect system is a dual row connector and available in 4 through 40 positions. An "F" crimp for 28 AWG wire provides wire termination. Contacts terminated to 28 AWG wire are rated at 1 amp. The connectors offer detent style latches and provide keying and polarization. The board mount connectors are available in vertical and right angle styles and have surface mount leads for IR reflow processing.

The housings are SMT compatible UL 94V-0 LCP. The temperature rating is -40°C to +85°C. Board locks are tin-lead plated brass. The plug and receptacle contacts are gold plated phosphor bronze.


• 0.8mmcenterline dual row
• Detent style latches
• Connector provides shrouding and polarization
• Printed circuit board connector offers vertical and right-angle styles with surface mount leads
• Application tooling utilizes mini-applications
• Strain relief
• Cable connector utilizes "F" crimp contact for 28 AWG wire size


• Military and commercial applications
• Security and alarm systems
• Test and instrumentation systems
• Measuring and dispensing equipment
• Medical electronics
• Small hand-held devices