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The PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors are industry standard product offerings which comply with the interconnection requirements defined by the PC/104 organization.

Both products are designed specifically for "flat-rock" press-fit installlation for ease of application. Solder version is also available.

Optional integral standoffs minimize the customer's system assembly time.

The TE Connectivity offering of the standard PC/104 product is a unitized connector rather than the two piece, 40 and 64 position connectors currently on the market. Customer needs to stock and apply only one part number rather than two.


• Press fit design - eliminates hand soldering
• Unitized PC104 connector assembly - eliminates two piece (64 pin & 40 pin) configuration
• Integral board spacers with captive hardware - eases & improves assembly efficiency while minimizing stocked hardware
• "Flat-rock" insertable - no need for complex insertion tooling
• Fully compliant with PC104 & PC104-Plus standards


• Commercial Embedded Design Solutions
• Industrial Embedded Design Solutions
• Military Embedded Design Solutions