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TE Connectivity introduced a new line of Miniature Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC). The new connector family is available in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and wire-to-panel configurations. The size 8 connector with a ½" diameter is immediately available. The connectors accommodate 1 through 4 contact positions. Miniature CPC connectors use Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connector contacts and offer up to 500 mating cycles when the gold plating option is used.

Miniature CPC connectors are suitable for applications in instrumentation, industrial equipment and transportation equipment as well as other industrial/commercial applications where size, contact density and environmental exposure are primary concerns. The size 8 connector is approximately 25% smaller than existing CPC designs from TE Connectivity.

Miniature CPC connectors employ a ¼ turn coupling ring which provides positive locking when mating connector halves. Additionally, a unique contact pattern for each position size helps prevent mismating. The single-piece nylon housing design does not require assembly. Interface and wire entry seals provide environmental sealing up to IP-67 for protection against ingress of fluid or dirt.

The crimp-style contacts are rated for up to five amps at 600 VAC maximum and accept 18 through 30 AWG wire. With tin plating, the brass contacts are suitable for up to 50 mating cycles.


  • Pre-positioned 1/4 turn coupling ring with positive lock and alignment
  • Unique contact pattern for each position size helps prevent accidental mating with other position sizes
  • Sealed to IP-67
  • Front or rear jam nut mounting
  • No assembly required
  • Receptacle available in free-hanging or panel mount versions
  • Alternate keys available


  • Ideal for industrial, instrumentation, and transportation applications where size, contact density, and environmental exposure are primary concerns
  • Nylon housings offer good resistance to a wide range of chemical agents while the IP-67 sealing helps prevent ingress of dirt or fluids that could have an adverse effect on the contact interface