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The TE Connectivity MULTIGIG RT Connector product line is a backplane interconnect family that offers flexibility and customization. This printed circuit based, pinless interconnect family is comprised of modular components which can be used in a variety of combinations. The connectors in this innovatively flexible platform can be combined to provide the density, data throughput, and signal integrity required for a variety of today’s applications. The use of printed circuit wafers in this connector system allows for cost effective sequencing and electrical customization of the connector. Wafers can be manufactured specifically for differential or single ended performance and the impedance, propagation delay, and crosstalk of the connector can be altered per customer requirements. This scalable board to backplane connector family is a robust, “pinless” design which eliminates the pin field on backplane boards and reduces the end user’s exposure to field failure in card cage systems. The MULTIGIG RT connector family is designed specifically for 20.30 (.800) or 25.40 (1.00) card pitch.

    • 141 signals/inch, data rates up to 3.125 Gb/s
    • 113 signals/inch, data rates of 3.125 Gb/s to 6.4+ Gb/s and has been demonstrated to support 10 Gb/s

Complete connector family includes:

  • Power modules
    • maximize Amps/inch density, voltage in pairs
  • Guidance modules
    • Die cast for strength
    • Three sequence levels Press fit or hardware mounted
    • Backplane drill pattern enabled keying
  • Cable assembly proposals available  


  • Customizable impedance matched printed circuit wafer interface
  • Available for stacking applications
  • Inverse sex backplane connector system with “pinless” interface
  • Superior crosstalk performance
  • Optimized footprints for signal integrity and ease of board design
  • Utilizes a 0.56 (.022) diameter via for backplane connector for lower cost board fabrication
  • Three levels of signal contact sequencing
  • Available in modular style
  • Available for 20.30 (.800) or 25.40 (1.00) card pitch systems
  • Durability rated for 200 cycles
  • Fully compatible with MP based fiber optic array interconnects
  • MULTIGIG RT connector products are fully compatible with 2mm HM equipment practices


  • Telecommunications equipment
    • Metro Optical Networking equipment
    • SONET switched platforms
    • Aggregation switches
  • Midrange servers
  • High end servers
  • High speed custom platforms
  • Mass data storage
  • Rugged, mission-critical applications