.050" Centerline Card Edge Connector Product Family Overview

TE Connectivity


.050std.jpgAMP Connectors Standard Edge .050 Series
The need to conserve space and pack more function into a given area has demanded that .050 [1.27] centerline spacing become a reality. AMP Standard Edge .050 Series connectors are the perfect vehicle for mother/daughter board applications requiring this real estate.
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amp-edge-4.jpgAMP Edge Connectors
TE Connectivity offers AMP Edge Connectors, a new retaining device for Printed Circuit Boards for use in combination with Card Edge Connectors. This device prevents the Printed Circuit Board from coming loose of its Card Edge Connector, which might occur during transportation, etc.
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press-fit-.050.jpgPress-Fit Connectors .050 Centerline High Density
High Density (.050" [1.27] center spacing) Press-Fit Connectors from TE Connectivity are designed for high density backplane or mid-plane applications. These compliant pin connectors meet or exceed requirements of current industry standards, including Bellcore specifications, which address critical performance issues such as hole retention, hole deformation and environmental performance.
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sec-ii-2.jpgSEC-II Power Connectors
The SEC-II Power Connectors offer an ideal combination of low-current and high-current connections in a single, durable design in a variety of combinations of power and signal contacts.
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pci-express-2.jpgPCI Express Connectors
TE Connectivity Card Edge Connector for PCI Express applications is a 1mm centerline card edge product designed to meet PCI SIG requirements for PCI Express architecture. PCI Express architecture is a high performance point to point full duplex I/O Bus. Applications include Serial Bus for Graphics Cards and I/O Client Cards for applications requiring higher speeds than the popular PCI Bus. Computers, both Desktop and Server, along with Telecommunication Switches and Routers.
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