.050std.jpgAMP Connectors Standard Edge .050 Series
The need to conserve space and pack more function into a given area has demanded that .050 [1.27] centerline spacing become a reality. AMP Standard Edge .050 Series connectors are the perfect vehicle for mother/daughter board applications requiring this real estate.

pci.050.jpgPCI Connectors .050 Series Standard Edge
Connectors that support PCI expansion cards are derived from those on the MC bus. The MC connectors are well defined and have proven value and reliability.

press-fit-.050.jpgPress-Fit Connectors .050 Centerline High Density
High Density (.050" [1.27] center spacing) Press-Fit Connectors from TE Connectivity are designed for high density backplane or mid-plane applications. These compliant pin connectors meet or exceed requirements of current industry standards, including Bellcore specifications, which address critical performance issues such as hole retention, hole deformation and environmental performance.

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