.100 Centerline Product Family Overview

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AMPMODU-Headers-100-Housings-Contacts-Tyco-Electronics.jpg" AMPMODU Headers .100, Housings & Contacts | TE Connectivity
This modular connector family fully complies with the CEI IEC 603-8 international standard. This wire-to-board interconnection system is composed of IDC receptacle assemblies for discrete wires or ribbon cable, or housings for crimp snap-in receptacle contacts as well as the 2.54mm [.100"] pitch vertical or right-angle shrouded and polarized board-mount headers.  ( Check TTI Inventory )

amp_metric.jpg" Metric Interconnect System 2.5mm | TE Connectivity
AMP 2.5mm Metric Interconnect System is a compact level IV wire-to-board system which comprises Insulation Displacement Crimp and Crimp Type receptacle connectors and the mating PC Board vertical mount headers and MT AMP-IN header. This system has built-in locking and polarization features. ( Check TTI Inventory )

amp_edge.jpg"AMP EDGE PC Terminals Single Lead | TE Connectivity
AMP EDGE Terminals are quick connect/disconnect devices that adjust securely, through friction fitting, to machine slots in the type of board for which they are designed. Friction fitting not only precleans the contact areas, but also provides excellent vibration and shock resistance even under heavy stresses. ( Check TTI Inventory )

amp_mini.jpg"AMP-IN Terminals Mini | TE Connectivity
The miniature AMP-IN Terminal is designed not as an electrical terminal but as a mechanical holding device to enhance soldering of hookup wires to printed circuit boards. The combination of terminal and application tooling eliminates costly manual preparation of wires prior to soldering, and positions the wire to achieve reliable solder joints. Movement of the wire during soldering is restricted, assuring proper solder flow. ( Check TTI Inventory )

auto_revision.jpg" AMPMODU Auto Electronics Connection System | TE Connectivity
AMPMODU - For Automobile applications in instrument cluster connection, trip master connection, cruise control and electronic check control. Features polarized and keyed connector (mechanically and color coded) and secondary contact use guarantees extra safety. Automatic Production System enables: advantageous operation, improved quality, cost reduction & termination of leads with simultaneous transfer control. ( Check TTI Inventory )

img8931.jpg" AMPMODU .100 Centerline Crimp Product Family Overview | TE Connectivity
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img8931.jpg"AMPMODU .100 Centerline IDC Product Family Overview | TE Connectivity
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mass_term.jpg"Crimp Termination Connectors EI Series | TE Connectivity
AMP Mass Termination EI Series Connectors are wire-to-board connectors based on the unique mass termination technique which are designed for high density connection of wirings inside equipment, labor saving in assembling operations and high reliability. The connectors consist of a receptacle assembly for wire termination with receptacle contacts preloaded and a board mount post header to mate with the receptacle assembly. The post header is intermateable with AMP El Series connectors with crimp, snap-in contacts for wire termination. ( Check TTI Inventory )

ct.jpg" CST II Connectors | TE Connectivity
The CST-100 connector system is a wire-to-board system with contacts in a single row on .100 [2.54] centerline. It is designed for proper loading of contacts and has a contact retention feature to prevent back-out. CST-100 housings also mate with MTA-100 right angle and vertical mount headers. ( Check TTI Inventory )

mta_connect.jpg" MTA 100 Connectors | TE Connectivity
The MTA-100 IDC connector system is a wire-to-board and wire-to-wire system with contacts in a single row on .100 [2.54] centerline. The design features wire feed-through capability for daisy-chain applications.
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amp_mt_connect.jpg"AMP MT Interconnection System | TE Connectivity
The AMP MT Interconnection System offers a complete printed circuit board system that drastically reduces production times, thanks to mass termination technology. This technique allows the termination of several discrete wires or ribbon cable on a connector in a single operation.   Request Quote

printed_circuitboards.jpg"Printed Circuit Board Disconnects | TE Connectivity
AMP printed circuit disconnect embodies the dual features of automation and the ability to make quick wiring changes. The special formed pins, available in .058 [1.47] and .093 [2.36] diameters, can be inserted in a printed circuit board quickly and reliably by fully automatic or semi-automatic machinery.  ( Check TTI Inventory )

r_100.jpg"RV 100/RV 100-4 Interconnection System | TE Connectivity
The RV 100 connection, the posts of the pc board connector are used (for example DIN 41612 type C or R with ACTION PIN and gold plated posts), which eliminates the need for additional space on the pc board. The shrouded pin housing is placed and secured over the posts. The AMP RV 100-4 interconnection system is suited for back panel connection on 15.24 mm centerline despite its 4 row configuration on 2.54 mm centerline. ( Check TTI Inventory )

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