1mm - 1.5mm Centerline Product Family Overview

TE Connectivity


1_5mm-Mini-VP-Vibration-Proof-Wire-to-Board-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMini Vibration-Proof Connectors 1.5mm | TE Connectivity
1.5mm Mini VP Wire-to-Board Connectors are compact connectors for wire-to-board application. Designed on a "reversal" conception of using a receptacle header on the board side, the connectors provide contact pressure of more than two times the conventional one (35Og/terminal). Featuring an extremely high-density wiring with contacts on 1.5mm pitch and a very compact size with above-the-board height of 3.7mm, the connectors are ideally suited for use in all types of miniature equipment that require vibration resistance, such as servomotor encoders, small-sized portable telephones, PCs PDAs.

15mm-AMP-Mini-CT-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgCT Connectors 1.5mm AMP Mini | TE Connectivity
AMP Mini CT connectors are a miniature wire-to-board interconnect solution, which is similar to the standard AMP CT Connector Series that has proven performance in harness making capability. A variety of harness-making machines are available ranging from hand tools for low volume production to automatic crimping machines. Two types of housings are available, including Crimp and Mass Terminated (MT), which are preloaded with insulation displacement contacts. These connectors are designed with contacts on 1.5 mm pitch.

High-Performance-Interconnects-Tyco-Electronics.jpgHigh Performance Interconnects (HPI) | TE Connectivity
The wire-to-board High Performance Interconnect (HPI) connector system is available in 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.96mm centerline pitch. This connector system offers vertical and horizontal (right angle) connector mounting for versatility and the square-peg technology enables this product to mate with many other like products in the industry. The single- and dual-row post headers are available in various colors to allow the customer the ability to color code their systems. The single-row connectors range from 2-16 positions while the dual-row connectors are available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 positions.

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