5mm - 16mm Stack Height Connector Family Overview

TE Connectivity


AMPODU-50-50-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgAMPMODU 50/50 Grid Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMPMODU 50/50 Grid Right-Angle Headers will accommodate a variety of high density packaging applications; right-angle board-to-board applications when mated with vertical receptacles and right-angle cable-to-board applications when mated with cable connectors. The small 1.27 x1.27 [.050 x.050] centerline contact spacing allows efficient use of the PC board area.

AMPMODU-Headers-100-Centerline-Tyco-Electronics.jpgAMPMODU Headers .100 Centerline | TE Connectivity
AMPMODU Headers are .100 centerline board-to-board connectors. Available in single and double row Parallel PC board stacking with numerous stack heights available. Can be used in conjunction with bottom entry receptacles.

AMPMUDO-System-50-Tyco-Electronics.jpgAMPMODU System 50 Connectors | TE Connectivity
The AMPMODU System 50 connector family includes a wide variety of high density board-to-board (thru-hole and surface- mount) and cable-to-board connectors. System 50 is composed of one- and two- row receptacles and post headers on .050 x .100 [1.27 x 2.54] spacing between contacts for extreme density and efficient use of printed circuit board area.

te_twopiece_ampmodu.jpgAMPMODU Two-Piece Headers & Receptacles | TE Connectivity
AMPMODU Two-Piece Printed Circuit Board connectors are designed to reliably and economically meet the packaging and interconnection requirements of today's sophisticated electronics. Offered in double row system (10 thru 200 position) and three-row system (30 thru 300 position). Both two- and three-row vertical headers are available with press-fit (ACTION PIN) posts or standard .025 [0.64] square solder posts.

centerline_champ.jpgCHAMP FH Connectors 1.27 [.050] Centerline | TE Connectivity
The FH, or Free Height, connectors are also an all-plastic connector system for internal board-to-board interconnections with a single spring leaf contact design. These connectors may be considered as an alternative to the Series I product line, with the added feature of variable stacking heights. Position sizes available range from 40 to 180 positions in both plug and receptacle for right angle and vertical configurations. A feature unique to the FH system is the closed bottom in the housing, which further inhibits contact contamination from flux and solder during processing.

fine_mate.jpgFine Mate Connectors | TE Connectivity
0.5/0.8mm FM Connectors are high-density packaging products developed for use in applications where downsizing and higher performance capability are required, such as camcorders and notebook PC's. Consisting of a receptacle assembly and a tab assembly, these connectors represent a new family of board to board connectors with contacts on 0.5mm and 0.8mm centerlines.

micromatch_thumb.jpgMicro-MaTch Board-Board & Ribbon-Board Connectors | TE Connectivity
The AMP Micro-MaTch connector family, with its contact spacing of 1.27mm, fully complies with the electronic packaging requirements of today and the future. The system offers a range of board and wire connectors, enabling a variety of wire-to-board and board-to-board interconnections.

micro-strip_connectors.jpgMicro-Strip Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP Micro-Strip connectors are a high density, controlled impedance connector family compatible with the requirements of high density and high speed data transmission technologies. Each signal line within the mated connector is located at a specific distance from an integral, separable bus bar serving as a ground plane in a micro-strip configuration. The selection of housing dielectric, spacing from signal contact-to-ground plane and conductor geometry provide a specific characteristic impedance plus very low inductance and capacitance.

MICTOR-Matched-Impedance-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMICTOR Connectors (Matched Impedance Connector) .025 | TE Connectivity
Two row plug and receptacle connector with a micro-strip concept of two rows of signal contacts divided by a center power ground plane. Centerline is 0.025 and they are available in 38 through 266 positions. Stack heights range from 6.6mm to 22.86mm.

stada_mrgie_thumb.jpgSTRADA Mesa Mezzanine Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity is pleased to introduce a new product family of connectors called STRADA which means "road or path" and is part of our commitment to develop customer focused next generation interconnect solutions for the future.

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