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AMP-BARREL's unique insulation displacement terminals are suitable for most printed circuit boards from .047 [1.19] to .125 [3.18] thick and are mounted in a space-saving, free-standing manner wherever required. AMP-BARREL Terminals may be obtained in loose piece or strip form for semi-automatic machine insertion. Upon insertion, they are hand or wave-soldered with other components without fear of solder wicking into the wire termination area.

Termination is achieved by placing the end of a pre-cut unstripped wire horizontally to the board at the top of the AMP-BARREL Terminal. Insertion to the proper depth is accomplished by the use of a simple, low-cost screwdriver type tool or low cost plastic stuffer cap. These caps use a standard Phillips type screwdriver to terminate the wire. When left in place on the terminal they provide strain relief and insulation. They may be removed and reused for field changes and/or repairs. The high compliancy of the terminal assures a highly reliable, stable interconnection and withstands extreme temperature, vibration and shock.

AMP-BARREL Terminals offer the added benefit of accepting a wide wire range, solid or stranded, within the same terminal. The .125 [3.18] diameter AMP-BARREL Terminal accepts a wire range of 28-18 AWG [0.08-0.8mm2] with a maximum insulation diameter of .086 [2.18]. It is made of high strength, high ductility, pre-tinned phosphor bronze and accepts one or two wires of the same type that may vary in size by one wire gage. The C-shaped cross-slot assures a reliable two-wire termination.

This product also offers a wire cutoff version which allows the wire to be placed across the top of the terminal where the hand tool terminates and trims the wire in one action. Similarly constructed, but of smaller size, are the .070 [1.78] and .090 [2.29] diameter AMP-BARREL Terminals. These terminals accept, respectively, wire sizes of 28-26 AWG [0.08-0.15mm2] with a maximum insulation diameter of .036 [0.91] and 28-22 AWG [0.08-0.4mm2] with a maximum insulation diameter of .053 [1.35]. They also will accept two wires of the same gage and type.

The .156 [3.96] diameter AMP-BARREL Terminal accepts a wire range of 24-18 AWG [0.2-0.8mm2] with a maximum insulation diameter of .115 [2.92]. It is made of tin-lead plated brass and will accept one wire per terminal.

All AMP-BARREL Terminals are reusable. This feature is extremely important when correcting wiring errors, making field repairs or modifications.


  • Unique insulation displacement technology
  • Eliminates wire preparation--no stripping or soldering
  • Capable of being wave-soldered to pc board with other components, enabling wires to be terminated at a more conducive time and location
  • Anti-solder wicking design
  • Accepts a wide range of wire sizes, solid or stranded
  • Available in single and two-wire version
  • Reusable terminal
  • Available in loose-piece or strip version
  • Semi-automatic insertion machine for strip version
  • Simple, rugged low cost wire insertion tool
  • Recognized under Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File E28476