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Mass termination capabilities of the AMP-LATCH family of connectors have helped make ribbon cable, and particularly .050 [1.27] centerline cable, popular within the Electronics Industry. The ability to terminate up to 64 conductors simultaneously, without stripping or otherwise preparing the cable, presents obvious labor savings.

AMP-LATCH connectors are wire-to-board devices used to make the transition between cable and pc board circuitry. They find heavy use within equipment to connect one board to another or one subsystem to another. The connectors are also used in input/output applications, connecting different pieces of equipment.

The AMP-LATCH Line is available on three separate cable centerline spacings. They include:

050 [1.27] Centerlines

  • Receptacle connectors (Novo Configurations)
  • Card-Edge connectors
  • DIP plugs
  • HDF-20 Subminiature D connectors
  • EUROLATCH receptacle connectors per DIN 41612 and IEC 603-2
  • Pin Headers

.039 [1.00] Centerlines

  • 2.0 mm receptacles
  • Breakaway pin headers

.025 [0.64] Centerlines

  • System 50 receptacles
  • System 50 paddleboards
  • Pin headers

Novo receptacles feature two rows of contacts on .100 x .100 [2.54 x 2.54] centers on selected sizes of 10 thru 64-positions and mate with .025 [0.64] square or round posts. The Novo tuning-fork contact offers a military-approved design, at an affordable cost. Polarization options include military, plus center and military.

Card-Edge connectors plug onto the edge of double-sided pc boards having a nominal thickness of .062 [1.57]. They are available without mounting ears in 10 thru 64-positions.

DIP (Dual In-Line Package) plugs provide a permanent connection of ribbon cable to a pc board or mating to DIP sockets. Using the same centerline dimensions as DIP integrated circuits, AMP-LATCH DIP plugs offer space efficiency and a low profile of .253 [6.43].

AMP-LATCH Low Profile Headers (Shrouded) are available in select positions between 10 and 60 and feature a choice of .000015 [0.00038] min. gold or .000030 min. gold plating over .000050 [0.00127] nickel underplating on .0252 [0.642] drawn wire mating posts. Housings are made of flame retardant thermoplastic, UL 94V-0 rated, and with or without high temperature, surface mount compatible material. They mate with AMP-LATCH ribbon cable receptacles.

2.0 mm [.079] AMP-LATCH ribbon cable receptacles feature contacts on a true 2.0 mm [.079 in.] mating grid for 1.0 mm [.039 in.] pitch ribbon cable. Select configurations are available between 8 and 50-positions. Receptacles feature insulation displacement contacts (IDC). Beryllium copper contacts are duplex plated 0.00076 mm [.000030 in.] min. gold in the mating area and 0.00254 mm [.000100 in.] min. tin-lead on the termination end, all over 0.00127 mm [.000050 in.] nickel underplating. Contact mating area is 1.54 mm [.061 in.] from the face of the housing and accept 0.50 mm [.0197 in.] round or square posts. Housings are made of 94V-0 rated polyester with optional center bar polarization.

AMP-LATCH System 50 ribbon cable receptacles will terminate cable on .025 [0.64] centerlines. They are available in select sizes from 20 thru 100-positions, and accept wire size range 30 AWG [0.05 mm2] solid wire and 32 AWG [0.03 mm2] stranded wire. Housing and cover are made of high temperature tolerant thermoplastic material, black, UL 94V-0 rated. A single mating beam, beryllium copper contact provides the interconnect between the conductor and the .0152 [0.382] posts on .050 x .100 [1.27 x 2.54] grid. Contacts are duplex plated .000030 [0.00076] min. gold over .000050 [0.00127] min. nickel. Also available in paddleboard configurations.  


  • No Cable stripping; simultaneous termination of all conductors
  • One-step termination with AMP application tooling
  • Terminates varying thicknesses of flat, woven, shielded & other ribbon cables
  • Pinless headers with clearance-fit or press-fit onto .025 [0.64] sq. posts preinstalled in board
  • Wide selection of sizes in all configurations


  • Commercial & Building Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Security
  • Industrial machinery & process control equipment
  • Instrumentation equipment
    • test
    • measurement
    • medical