AMP Standard Timer Connectors (RAST 5 Appliance)

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AMP Standard Timer connectors represent modern interconnection technology with crimp snap-in or insulation displacement versions. They find applications in small motors, liquid pumps, automatic water-level regulators, relays or push-button switches. The selection of this connector system allows you to find the optimal solution to your interconnection needs.

The AMP Standard Timer connectors were designed for various applications in household appliances and automobiles. They meet industry requirements, for example multiple position connectors, secure connection even at inclined mating, as well as a sturdy contact design.

AMP Standard Power Timer contacts, for use with Standard Timer housings, are suitable for high-density and high-current carrying requirements. The modular connector system incorporates modern in-line mating technology on a 5 mm centerline, 2 to 12 positions, rowable with no loss of spacing and a variety of keying possibilities.


  • 2-12 position crimp and poke wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connector system
  • Designed according to RAST 5 Standard
  • Mates to 6.35 x 0.81 [.250 x .032] FASTON tabs built on 5 mm centerlines with a RAST shroud
  • Housings available in various colors and RAST 5 configurations
  • Standard Timer receptacles terminate 22-14 AWG discrete wire


  • Small motors
  • Liquid pumps
  • Automatic water-level regulators
  • Relays
  • Push-button switches