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TE Connectivity offers a full selection of AMPLIVAR splices that are specifically designed to terminate magnet wire to itself or in combination with standard solid or stranded lead wire.

AMPLIVAR splices have machined, sharp edged serrations inside the crimp barrels. These serrations, made by a special production process, pierce the insulating layer of magnet wires in a manner that provides a large contact area.

In a one-step operation the magnet wire is automatically multiple ring-stripped of its insulation as it is forced into the serrations during the precisely controlled crimp. The resulting termination produces a high tensile strength, air-sealed connection that is as resistant to corrosion as the insulated conductor. As many as three magnet wires can be terminated simultaneously in one splice. In addition, copper or aluminum magnet wire, or a combination of both, can be terminated.

When required, copper or aluminum magnet wire can be combined with standard, Section AA pre-stripped solid or stranded lead wires. Depending on your specific application, AMPLIVAR splices are available in 5, 7 and 9 serration versions for terminations in the 100 to 22,000 CMA range as well as miniature and subminiature designs for terminations in the 100 to 1850 CMA range.


  • Compression crimp eliminates cold solder points, weld burns and wire enbrittlement usually connected with thermal-type terminations
  • Excellent tensile strength-vibration resistant
  • Provides a superior electrical connection that is free of contaminants such as stripper residue and solder flux
  • Precision formed, strip-fed terminals and splices terminated in AMP Automatic Machines assure highest possible production rates per hour
  • High termination rates, low wire consumption and the elimination of rejects caused by solder flux or heat damage results in the lowest applied costs
  • Precisely controlled crimp termination helps eliminate human error for maximum reliability
  • Splice up to 3 magnet wires together with stranded lead in one barrel


  • Motor windings and connections
  • Coil connections
  • Transformer windings and connections
  • Solid wire connections
  • Lighting ballasts
  • Power supplies
  • Starters and alternators