AMPOWER Wave Crimp System

TE Connectivity

The AMPOWER Wave Crimp System is a family of interconnections featuring a unique flat copper cable termination which makes it suitable for power distribution. The wide variety of AMPOWER interfaces available from TE Connectivity for flat cable make it a versatile, innovative, and cost effective solution for power distribution. AMPOWER flat cable assemblies provide a unique and effective means of distributing power from source to load in today's high speed, high density systems.


  • Separable interfaces have positive locking, polarization and contact shrouding
  • Right-angle and vertical headers on .100 [2.54] centers, accommodate standard .040 [1.02] PCB hole diameters
  • Four cable self-aligning connector can pickup .080 [2.03] misalignment off a common axis and measures 80 amps per cable (at 30°C temperature rise) depending upon the application
  • Unique tap permits branching of trunk lines to serve multiple distribution points
  • Assemblies are measured at 70-110 amps (with 30ºC temperature rise) depending upon mounting interface
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., File No. E28476, No. E13288, and No. E53799
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR7189A-149
  • First flat cable tap that allows branching from primary trunk lines, side tapping and discrete wire tapping
  • Blind mate drawer connectors feature sequential mating and signal contacts


  • Power Distribution in:
    • Medical equipment
    • Industrial test equipment
    • Audio/visual equipment
    • Transportation systems (including aerospace)
    • Servers/PCs/Workstations
    • Communication systems