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AMPSEAL connectors just got better. Known for their rugged reliability even under high-temperature automotive and industrial applications, AMPSEAL connectors are now a snap to assemble. We have replaced the difficult-to-apply, labor-intensive gasket by bonding it to the header assembly. This product upgrade also eliminates purchasing and inventorying an extra part--the gasket. Or, if you prefer, we also offer the header with a separate gasket.  


  • Silicon gasket comes bonded to header assembly for an easy, secure, watertight seal
  • Two-way sealing of interface and wires withstands harsh, wet conditions
  • Up to 17 amperes per contact
  • Four keyed and color-coded styles guarantee success when mating connectors
  • Plug connector two-piece contact holding design ensures positive seating without backout
  • Designed for cost-effective, high-productivity assembly


  • Automotive applications
  • Rail
  • Boating
  • RV
  • Other applications requiring sealed connector