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TE Connectivity supplies both the power and the signal connectors specified in the Advanced Telecommunications Computer Architecture (AdvancedTCA) Standard. This standard (PICM 3.0) is one of the latest standards addressing future telecommunications needs. The AdvancedTCA Power Connector, designated for use in Zone 1 per PICMG 3.0, combines 8 High Conductivity Size 16 pin & socket contacts along with 22 Size 22 pin & socket contacts, plus guidance into a compact interface. Both connector halves feature proven compliant press-fit contacts for easy solder-less termination to printed circuit boards.

Based on years of reliable long-term field installations the power contact design is based upon TE Connectivity’ famous Type III+ contact design. By adding the use of a high conductivity copper alloy and the low-force Eye-Of-Needle compliant pin section, the new contact delivers both ease of installation (with flat-rock seating tools) as well as industryleading current carrying capability. The power contacts are capable of carrying 16 amps per contact and the signals are capable of carrying 2 amps per contact.

The housing design also offers improvements compared to other industry alternatives. The lead-in design for the contact cavities provides better resistance from contact stubbing. The contact retention has also been designed to eliminate the need for additional hardware sometimes used to hold the connectors to the pcb after pressing in to the pcb.

The result is a connector which is easy to install, meets all the PICMG 3.0 performance requirements and stays retained to the pcb without the additional labor required to add hardware.  


  • Designed to PICMG 3.0 Standard
  • .76 micro-meters (30 microinch) gold over 1.27 micrometers [50 micro-inch] nickel plating at contact interface
  • Gold-thickness controlled on inside of socket and outside of pin – at contact interface points
  • RoHS compliant
  • Stainless steel spring provides contact normal force - resists relaxation at elevated temperatures
  • Eye-Of-Needle compliant press-fit termination
  • No special tools needed to seat connectors to pcb – standard Flat-Rock seating tools
  • Additional pcb retention hardware not required