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Since the introduction of the Duracell, standard-sized nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery to the computer and communications original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), TE Connectivity has played a major role in the development and manufacture of a reliable, high performance multi-directional interconnect system.
These 5-position headers and the TE Connectivity 5-position receptacle connectors provide reliable, easy mate/un-mate interconnects.

Single contacts are rated at 7 amperes with a 30°C T-Rise, and have an operating temperature rating of -30°C to +70°C. Headers feature sturdy brass contacts with duplex plated tin-lead solder tails and nickel on the mating area to ensure the life of the system and to provide high cycle mating/un-mating.

Housings are made of high temperature, UL 94V-0 rated thermoplastic and are available with left or right hand keying, or with keyless mounting configurations. Keyless headers are designed to minimize board space requirements, and require the battery manufacturer to provide voltage key in the battery rack compartment. Keyless headers accept all 3 voltage battery packs.

TE Connectivity "Drop-In" receptacle connectors fit securely within the battery pack compartment. They are offered in a choice of weld tab or solder tail versions for PC board mounting. Housings are made from high impact UL 94V-0 rated thermoplastic with high temperature housings available for solder tail versions.

The TE Connectivity Battery Interconnection systems provide variable direction mating and voltage/form factor polarization for safe, friendly operation.


  • Multi-directional mating – all angles between 0° and 90°
  • Standard 5-position system
  • Total interface solution
  • Current capacity – 7 Amps/ single contact at 30°C T-Rise
  • Receptacle connectors with solder tails or weld tabs
  • Used Industry-wide for rechargeable battery I/O – in laptop computers


  • Computers