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Between series Coaxial Transmission Line Adapters provide convenient transitions between popular series coaxial connectors. The adapter design provides a minimum length consistent with good electrical performance. The small size, low VSWR, and broad frequency coverage permits a wide range of applications in both measurement and systems use.

Design and Construction

The standard units are constructed of stainless steel with passivated finish, nickel plated brass and gold plated brass. The material and plating is to be consistent with the basic connector series. All dielectrics are TFE fluorocarbon. The center contacts are made of beryllium copper, gold plated.


The straight in-line adapters are available in many combinations of plug and jack (male and female) configurations. Also, popular panel mount versions are cataloged. For special modifications and hermetic seal version, consult AMP.


  • Cost effective solution for those applications requiring the mating of two different RF interfaces
  • Virtually all interface styles available
  • Performance limited to the RF interfaces used, but adapter designs provide a minimum length consistent with good electrical performance
  • Panel mount and bulkhead mount versions also available


  • Communication equipment
  • In-house test and measurement