CII FC-325 Series Relays

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TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the CII FC-325 series relay. The FC-325 series is a 3 pole, 25 AMP, non-latching hermetically sealed relay that is all welded and boasts a higher capacity design compared to similar balanced armature relays. Designed for harsh inductive, motor and lamp load applications within the aerospace, defense and marine markets, these hermetically sealed devices are excellent for extreme environments. Qualified to MS27418 specifications, the FC-325 series relays have a 1.5 inch corrosion-protected cube enclosure and weigh 0.452 lbs.

Configured as a 3PST/NO (DM), the double make/break contact design of the CII FC-325 series relays offer higher capability than comparable relays in the market by sharing the load across two contact sets, resulting in less wear and tear on the relay. This provides stable performance and extends the relay's life. The relay's all welded design creates a reliable alternative to similar solder sealed relays by reducing the chance of introducing FOD or leaking atmosphere. TE's FC-325 series offers solder hook and terminal block configurations and 28 Vdc or 115 Vac coils, as well as special variations of this product upon request.


  • Decrease the chances of introducing FOD or leaking atmosphere with the all welded design
  • Reduce the wear and tear of relays over time with the double-make, double-break design
  • Save space with a 1.5 inch corrosion-protected metal can
  • Capable of handling harsh inductive, motor, and lamp loads meeting MS27418 specifications
  • Offer more options with both solder hook or terminal block configurations and 28 Vdc or 115 Vac coils
  • Operate in rugged and harsh environments with a hermetically sealed relay and corrosion protected metal can


  • Guidance and Navigation Systems
  • Aircraft Galley / Cabin Equipment
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Military and Commercial Aircraft
  • Weapons Systems
  • Missile and Defense
  • Power Distribution
  • Launch Systems
  • Fuel Pumps