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The AMP family of COPALUM terminals and splices provides reliable, low cost terminations for both aluminum and copper wire. Stranded, solid, round and rectangular conductors, individually or in combinations falling within a specified CMA range, can be terminated in the same wire barrel. Also, the same terminals and splices can be crimped to either uninsulated wire, using a bar crimp configuration or with the insulation piercing technique, to film insulated wire. Prestripping of conductors is not required. Because of this versatility, AMP COPALUM products are finding wide usage wherever aluminum wire is being used for its weight and cost savings advantages.

COPALUM terminals and splices are available for terminating a broad range of wire sizes: 16 AWG to 500 MCM [1.25 to 253 mm2] using the bar crimp technique, and 16 to 4/0 AWG [1.25 to 105 mm2] using the insulation piercing method. Each product features a copper body construction and employs a perforated copper alloy liner. This construction, coupled with the AMP crimp, produces electrically and mechanically stable connections by overcoming the inherent problems of aluminum oxide penetration and reformation, cold flow, creep, corrosion and thermal expansion (common in aluminum-to- copper applications).  


  • Terminals and Splices for aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper stripped wire applications
  • Terminates stripped, stranded and solid (round or rectangular) aluminum and copper conductors--individually or in combination
  • Eliminates messy inhibitors
  • Available for a broad range of wire sizes--from 16 AWG to 500 MCM [1.25 to 253 mm2]
  • Low cost, reliable terminations provide stable electrical and mechanical performance


  • Appliance
  • Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment