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AMP COPALUM Sealed Terminals and Splices are designed especially for solving the inherent problems of terminating aluminum conductors. These connectors are terminated to stranded aluminum wire using a "dry crimp." This technique eliminates the need for an inhibitor agent to break down the highly tenacious and inert oxides that form on aluminum conductors. An extremely efficient and reliable crimping method, the dry crimp also produces a sealed connection that prevents re-oxidation and corrosion when intimate terminal/conductor contact is achieved.

COPALUM Sealed Terminals and Splices are available for terminating and splicing stranded aluminum wire in sizes ranging from 8 to 4/0 [8.6 to 110.9 mm2] and copper 10 to 3/0 [4.8 to 85.9 mm2]. With the capability of splicing aluminum wire to copper wire, these connectors are generally applicable wherever aluminum wire or cable is used. COPALUM Sealed Terminals and Splices are especially suited for the aerospace industry.  


  • No need for inhibitor agents, thanks to AMP's "dry crimp" technique
  • Terminating/splicing capabilities for stranded aluminum wire, plus splicing of aluminum wire to copper wire conductors
  • Wide wire-size range--aluminum 8 to 4/0 [8.6 to 110.9 mm2] and copper 10 to 3/0 [4.8 to 85.9 mm2]
  • Efficient production rates, uniform reliability, at low cost--all because of AMP's electro-hydraulic DYNA-CRIMP Tooling
  • Optimum electrical, environmental, and mechanical performance crimps from AMP's three-stage dies


  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment