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050-Series-Cable-Connectors-SCSI-Tyco-Electronics.jpg.050 Series Cable Connectors (SCSI) | TE Connectivity
AMPLIMITE .050 Series Cable Connectors (SCSI) feature standard plugs in 20, 26, 28, 40, 50, 68, 80, 100, and 120 positions, and standard receptacles in 40, 50, 68, and 100 positions, wire lacing plugs in 26, 40, 50, 68, and 100 positions, and wire lacing receptacles in 26, 68, and 100 positions, and various termination tooling is available.
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AMPLIMITE-050-Series-II-Hardware-Tyco-Electronics.jpgAMPLIMITE Hardware .050 Series II | TE Connectivity
The AMPLIMITE hardware features diecast backshells (available with jackscrews or spring latches), jackscrews come in 40, 50, 68, and 100 positions, and spring latches come in straight exit or 75˚ angled exit.

HD-20-Solder-Cup-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgHD-20 Solder Cup Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMPLIMITE HD-20 Solder Cup Connectors feature preloaded duplex-plated solder cup contacts, shell finish in choice of standard zinc or tin, two-piece 94V-0 rated plastic insert, anti-solderwicking contact design. This product is intermateable with other subminiature D connectors, available in 9, 15, 25 and 37 position (shell sizes 1-4) plugs and receptacles. Application is easy without special application tools required. Shields offer full EMI shielding and ESD insulation as well as termination for low impedance.

HDF-20-Ribbon-Cable-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgHDF-20 Ribbon Cable Connectors | TE Connectivity
HDF-20 (Ribbon Cable) Connectors feature 5 standard shell sizes; visual inspection of termination possible; fluted cover provides positive alignment of cable prior to termination; a wide range of application tooling; patented insulation displacement contact latches into the connector cover; contact design provides a “gas-tight” termination; contacts accept 28 AWG [0.08mm2] solid and stranded and 26 AWG [0.15mm2] solid and stranded round conductor flat ribbon cable on .050 [1.27] centers; and qualified to Battelle Level III environment.

HDP-20-Crimp-Snap-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgHDP-20 Crimp Snap Connectors | TE Connectivity
The flexible, dual wall, halogen free and cross linked solar wire AMPLIMITE HD-20 crimp snap product is a low cost, high performance connector that comes in 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 positions. The product line contains contact connectors in both plug and receptacle format. It also has basic shielding hardware kits in plug and receptacles, shielding hardware enclosures for both plug and receptacle, ferrules that are needed for shielding hardware kits, and precision formed connector contacts. The AMPLIMITE HD-20 crimp snap contacts are individually crimped to conductors, and inserted into a connector.

HDE-IDC-Cable-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgIDC & HDE Cable Connectors | TE Connectivity
These connectors are available in all–plastic or metal shell with pre–loaded insulation displacements contacts. Various wires and position sizes with no wire stripping.

Standard-Cable-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgStandard Cable Connectors | TE Connectivity
Includes connectors, housings, contacts, and accessories. Product series include HD-20, HDE-20, HDP-20, HDP-22, and HDF-20.

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