15-25-40mm-Pin-Diameter-Connector-Tyco-Electronics.jpg1.5,2.5,4.0 mm Pin Diameter Connectors | TE Connectivity
Magnet valves, sensors within ABS-sector and even rear lights are only some examples for application of the new 2-4 position connectors manufactured by AMP for trucks. Based on DIN 72585 for electric highly stressed connectors, AMP has developed a connector collection together with well-known truck manufacturers and their system suppliers. These connectors correspond to all requirements of thermic and dynamic loads. Circular connectors with 1,5 and 2,5 mm contacts have been tested and are well-known as reliable connectors in passenger cars and trucks. Application of corresponding cable assemblies means a highly grade of automatisation in production.

Shielded-Circular-DIN-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgDIN Connectors Shielded Circular | TE Connectivity
Shielded Circular DIN connectors from AMP meet all the dimensional and functional requirements specified by DIN standards 41524 and 45322. In addition, they have the benefits of crimp, snap-in contacts that can be machine applied, reliable shield termination with ferrules for a range of cable diameters, and a choice of plugs and cord guards. Contacts are typically offered with tin plating. Shielded receptacles are available for greater EMI shielding effectiveness. Plugs are interchangeable and intermateable with other DIN standard connectors with equivalent numbers of contacts.

TE_DIN_SealedCircular_sm.jpgDIN Connectors Shielded Miniature Circular | TE Connectivity
Shielded Miniature Circular DIN printed circuit board receptacles are ideal I/O connectors where board real estate is at a premium. All connectors are available in three through eight positions plus right-angle connectors are available in a nine position configuration. Stacked connectors are also available in six- and nine-position configurations.

usb_mini_thumb.jpgUSB 2.0 Mini Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE's Mini USB portfolio includes Mini B receptacles and plugs, available in surface mount and through hole solder tail configurations with right angle, edge and vertical mount types. Parts are available with USB 2.0 compliance certification numbers as needed.

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