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Miniature coaxial DIN Series RF Connectors series 1.0/2.3 (CECC 22230 and IEC169-29) are devised to meet the requirements of compact electronic instrumentation. All plugs and jacks with Z = 50 Ohms are designed for a number of different 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm cables. Due to the large demand, the series 1.0/2.3 has also been optimized as a 75 Ohm design into the GHz range. The different types of coupling mechanism, such as screw on, slide-in and latching coupling permit space-saving installation. In addition, an extensive range of measurement accessories, adapters as well as terminations are available. The quality-determining factors have been established on the basis of corresponding measurements and test procedures in accordance with national and international standards for RF connectors (DIN 47275, VG 95205, IEC 1169-1, MIL-C-39012 etc.).

High-quality materials ensure high reliability even in industrial atmospheres. The contact principle is the pin-socket principle and the resilient contacts which are engineered in a noble metal plating/beryllium copper base on both the inner and outer contacts ensure perfect contact mating. The inner conductor parts are held in PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

The reduced dimensions of all component parts of these connectors permit a compact hole spacing (installation pitch) of 6.8 mm depend upon the corresponding cable diameters. The cable is connected by crimping the cable braid to the plug or jack body, the inner conductor is soldered or crimped. In most applications, the plug and jack belong to the same coupling type group. In special instances, e. g. for measurement purposes, different coupling types can be used together.  


  • Performance through 2 GHZ (at 75 Ohms) and 10 GHz (at 50 Ohms)
  • Meets IEC 169-29, DIN 47275 and CECC 22 230 interface and performance specifications
  • Available with thread and slide-in coupling, and an innovative latching (Quick Lock) coupling mechanism
  • Full crimp cable termination


  • Base stations
  • Cable assemblies
  • Datacom
  • Routers
  • Switching equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment