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The DIPLOMATE Dual Leaf (DL) DIP socket family provides high quality at low cost with superior handling characteristics. Sockets are available in 6- through 64- position sizes with dual wiping contacts in tin and gold plating over beryllium copper or economical phosphor bronze. The large target area of the contacts and tapered side ramps in the housing insure easy entry of a DIP package. Internal anti-overstress walls on standard versions prevent contact damage. The housings are compatible with commercially available automatic insertion equipment for socket-to-board or DIP-to-socket applications. These stackable housings feature a "true closed bottom" design which prevents solder or flux wicking at class 1 conditions of EIA 486.

Standoffs provide board clearance for proper cleaning after soldering. Sockets are available with straight solder tails for clinching and are "true positioned" for automatic insertion into the pc board. Solder tails with retention feature, for self retention in the pc board during handling and flow soldering, are available for hand insertion.

Housings are constructed from self-extinguishing glass-filled polyester, 94 V-0 rated material.

The DIPLOMATE DL DIP Socket family meets the requirements of EIA RS-415, MIL-S-83734 and the most stringent specifications of main-frame computer manufacturers.  


  • Low Profile -- .175 [4.45] max. seating plane above pc board
  • Dual wiping contacts
  • Face wipe contacts for high reliability and constant, low resistance
  • Anti-overstress prevents contact damage
  • Large target area with tapered lead-in ramps for easy DIP insertion
  • "True closed bottom" design totally prevents solder and contamination from entering contact cavity
  • Stackable end-to-end and side-to-side (brickwalling) for high board density
  • Housing standoffs and slots facilitate board cleaning
  • Family of 6 through 64 positions
  • Retention-style tails or straight solder tails
  • Visual polarization
  • Designed for automatic machine insertion -- DIP-to-socket or socket-to-board (tube loaded)
  • Tin or gold plated phosphor bronze or beryllium copper contacts
  • Designed to meet EIA RS-415, MIL-S-83734 and stringent computer specifications
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File E28476
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association File No. LR 16455


  • Mainframe systems
  • Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment
  • Instrumentation Equipment
  • Test
  • Measurement
  • Medical