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The AMP Miniature Spring Socket System is composed of a series of individual sockets, each utilizing a permanently secured helical spring design to accept round, square or rectangular leads interchangeably in a diameter range of .012 to .065 [0.30 to 1.65]. The unique Miniature Spring Socket design (helical spring for multiple points of contact and a crimped spring and eyelet) provides low contact resistance while most other manufacturers utilize a spring pressed into a sleeve.

The pluggable, low-profile system allows tighter board stacking and increased printed circuit board clearance with pin densities up to .070 [1.78] grid spacing. Since Miniature Spring Sockets are a system, the damage to components and conductive patterns normally experienced through excessive temperatures in hand, wave, SMT or IRR soldering operations is eliminated.

The Miniature Spring Socket System is compatible with a broad range of application tooling available to support the various manufacturing levels.


  • SMT and IRR processing compatibility
  • Five different hole size series (.039 to .107 [0.99 to 2.72]) available to accommodate a pin diameter range of .012 to .065 [0.30 to 1.65] and board thicknesses of .031 to .125 [0.79 to 3.18]
  • Low-profile, above-board height of .022 [0.56] allows maximum board-to-board clearance
  • Small head diameters allow centerline spacing as close as .070 [1.78]
  • Sockets accept round, square or rectangular leads without socket orientation
  • Bellmouth design provides easy insertion of leads
  • Inner helical spring assures maximum reliability
  • Two basic design configurations available -- flat bottom sockets (with closed, open and knockout bottom designs) and bullet-nose sockets
  • Hand-held, bench-mounted and computerized insertion equipment available