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AMP Econoseal J Series Connectors Mark II(+) have been developed for use in auto-mobile engine compartments and other applications where waterproof protection and rugged construction are required for electric connections.

Waterproof protection with these connectors is achieved by means of a wire seal which is inserted on the wire and crimped in the insulation support of the contact simultaneously with contact crimping. This system also has a plug to seal up the unused contact cavity and a seal ring preloaded in the plug housing. Both the wire seal and cavity plug have 3 parallel ridges on their external circumference for ease of insertion into the housing cavity.

One of the major features of these products is that insertion force of contacts into the housing is reduced by beveling the edge of the ridge of both the wire seal and cavity plug and making the diameters of the 2 front ridges smaller than that of the 1 rear ridge. Another important feature lets the trapped air out whenever internal pressure has risen excessively due to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. In addition, the Mark II(+) Connector has a plate inserted in its housing to detect half-mating of contacts, increase their retention, provide a double tab-lock function and prevent damage of contacts at mating/un-mating.

All sealing surfaces of the housing are located inside and as a result waterproof capability remains intact even when damage has been inflicted on the connector during harness-assembling operations. Mark II(+) Connectors can be assembled easily and fast.


  • Waterproof connectors with excellent sealing property and durability
  • Wire seal can be loaded at the same time as contacts are crimped.
  • Besides wire seals, cavity plugs are provided to plug up unused contact cavities
  • Effectively prevents mis-mating and damage of contacts at mating/unmating
  • Mark II(+) has a double-lock feature
  • Capable of detecting half-mating of contacts
  • Applicable wire ranges: AWG 24-16 for 070 Series contacts
  • Connector sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 positions
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476


  • Automotive applications
  • Applications requiring waterproof protection and rugged construction