Econoseal Sealed Pin and Socket Connectors

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AMP Econoseal Connectors fill a growing need for small, inexpensive sealed circular connectors. They eliminate many problems inherent to soft rubber sealed connectors, such as difficulty in assembly, electrical failures due to flexing, and difficulty in mating and unmating. For optimum versatility, Econoseal Connectors employ Multimate contact cavities, offering a choice of reliable AMP Multimate type III+ and VI contacts for single-conductor wire and AMP subminiature COAXICON contacts for coaxial cable terminations.

Connectors are available in a wide range of popular sizes, from 1 to 9 positions, and with housing styles for free-hanging and panel-mount applications. Both the front and back of the housing have numbered contact cavities. Plug housings feature a retention ring with gripping ribs, a shallow mating face, conductor seals as well as a sealing rim. Receptacle housings have two locking tabs, polarizing slots, a deep mating face, conductor seals, and a peripheral sealing ring.


  • Accepts all AMP Multimate contacts with .062 [1.57] pin diameter: type III+ and type VI and subminiature coaxial contacts
  • No mating hardware required
  • Housings provide positive latching and polarization
  • Discrete wire seals are factory installed, but replaceable
  • Square flange design permits bulkhead mounting
  • Rigid thermoplastic material is resistant to most hydrocarbons and will not flex or overstress contacts, UL 94V-2 rated
  • Accommodates 18-14 AWG [0.8-2 mm2] wires; .080 to .135 [2.03 to 3.43] insulation diameters
  • Machine applied terminations assure highest production rates at lowest applied costs
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476


  • Automotive industry
  • Trucking industry
  • RV (recreational vehicle) industry
  • Off-road equipment industry