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Ultra-Pod Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles offer the newest in one-step automatic application of insulated quick connects. The unique integral plastic carrier designed specifically for this product allows insulated F-Crimp terminations to be produced quickly and easily. Applied cost savings are attainable with either bench or high-speed automatic termination equipment and the elimination of any secondary insulation operations. Both the crimping of the terminal and the terminal insulating occur in a single stroke of the press and applicator—the crimping on the downstroke and the insulating on the up-stroke.

The receptacles contained within the Ultra-Pod FASTON Receptacle assemblies are tested and customer qualified and can be immediately used in existing applications where insulation has been accomplished by other means. The low insertion force design provides easier tab insertion, reduces operator fatigue and improves the productivity and reliability of the end assembly operation.

The translucent insulating housing is produced by a unique molding process which provides an integral carrier and eliminates the crimp location problems related to secondary carriers. This housing, produced from 130°C rated 6/6 nylon, covers the FASTON receptacle sufficiently to provide for use in 600-volt applications. Most importantly, this insulating system helps eliminate the workplace hazards and labor costs of chemically expanded or heat shrink tubing. Depending on production requirements, TE Connectivity provides a complete selection of terminating equipment from bench press to automatic lead maker.  


  • Reduced insertion force
  • Designed for correct lead-in of tab
  • Mates with typical UL 310 110, 187 and 250 Series tab styles including those with shoulders
  • UL rated at +105°C
  • 110 Series accepts 22-18 AWG [0.3–1mm²], 187 Series accepts 20-16 AWG [0.5–1.4mm²] wire and 250 Series accepts 22-10 AWG [0.3–5mm²] wire
  • Visual inspection of crimp and wire brush
  • Terminated by automatic or semi-automatic equipment to meet production requirements
  • Complies with the IEC 380, 601 and 950 and UL 1950 requirements for a secondary means of insulation fixing
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E66717
  • CSA Certified, File No. LR 7189
  • VDE tested according to DIN VDE 0627/ 9.91, VDE Reg. No. Technical Documents


  • Commercial & Building Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Security
    • Vending
  • Appliance
  • Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment
  • Instrumentation Equipment
    • Test
    • Measurement
    • Medical