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The wire crimp FASTON Tabs are designed for line splices and other special applications. They can be applied to 22-14 AWG wire with "F" crimp termination and include insulation support. The wire crimp tab is also available with AMPLIVAR serrations for magnet wire applications.

Board mount tabs are available in all the series. These tabs are mounted using rivets or screws through stud holes. They are available in single 90° configurations, straight and angled versions, dual versions (90°, 45° and straight), weld tab versions and special configurations.

Printed circuit board tabs are designed to be inserted into holes in pc boards, then attached permanently during the soldering operation. They can be hand inserted or machine inserted using AMP application equipment.  


  • Full offering of PCB, stud mount, weld, and wire crimp tabs available
  • Offering also features high temperature tabs, test tabs, and tabs for other special applications
  • PCB tabs compatible with competitive insertion equipment
  • TE Connectivity insertion equipment also available


  • PCBs
  • Commercial & Building Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Security
    • Vending
  • Appliance
  • Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment
  • Instrumentation Equipment
    • Test
    • Measurement
    • Medical