FASTON Uninsulated Receptacles and Housings

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FASTON housings are designed to be used with the FASTON terminal line. They come in sizes ranging from 6.35 [.250], 5.21 [.205], 4.75 [.187] and 2.79 [.110] and are available in multiple positions and configurations. Included in this line are special connectors, including water valve connectors, Microswitch connectors, gas valve connectors, and various other special application connectors. Many of these housings are available in both V-2 and V-0 rated materials. Translucent plastic insulating sleeves are available for use with FASTON receptacles and flags.  


  • Straight, right angle, multiple position and special application housings available
  • Various materials and temperature ratings available
  • Accept FASTON receptacles
  • Special application housings include Microswitch, gas valve and water valve housings
  • Available in 6.35 [.250], 5.21 [.205], 4.75 [.187] and 2.79 [.110] Series
  • Translucent plastic insulating sleeves in both straight and flag configurations


  • Commercial & Building Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Security
    • Vending
  • Appliance
  • Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment
  • Instrumentation Equipment
    • Test
    • Measurement
    • Medical