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MT-LWA is a single wall heat-shrinkable tube useful for laser-welding operations. Heat-shrinkable product helps hold joints in place during operation and removes easily without residue or damage to the end product.  


  • 2:1 or 3:1 shrink ratios, custom sizes available
  • Flexible; forms to irregular shapes
  • Good clarity for laser-welding
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Removes easily after application, good axial tear propagation
  • Fabricated from materials which meet the requirements of US Pharmacopeia VI Plastics. Color shall be clear only
  • ASTM D 2617


  • OEM’s performing hot jaw bonding
  • Medical device industry, specifically the catheter manufacturing industry
  • Angioplasty devices
  • Abrasion protection for laparoscopic instruments an in-vivo diagnostic probes (MT1000, MT3000, MT-PBX)
  • Protection & insulation of electrosurgical and laparoscopic instruments (MT2000,MT5000, MT5500, T6000, MT-FEP)
  • Protection & insulation of highly flexible joint (MT5500)
  • Protection of delicate high value devices (MT-PBX, MT2000)
  • Catheter shafts (MT2000, MT-PBX)
  • Process Aid/Fusing Sleeves (MT-FEP,MT2000)
  • Bonding of dissimilar materials (MT-FEP, MT-PBX, MT-LWA)
  • Strain relief (MT1000, MT3000, MT5000, MT5500, MT-PBX)
  • Identification and color coding of electrosurgical devices (MT5000)
  • Suture assemblies (MicroFit)
  • Process Aid for Laser Welding (MR-LWA)