390-Centerline-156-MATE-N-LOK-Tyco-Electronics.jpg.390" Centerline (.156" MATE-N-LOK) | TE Connectivity
.390" Centerline (.156" MATE-N-LOK) feature positive polarized nylon housings; panel mount or free hanging; numbered cavities for easy circuit identification; removable, crimp snap-in contacts; contacts accept 20-10 AWG wire sizes; pin contacts are used in cap housings - socket contacts are used in plug housings; and are not for interrupting current.

ampmultipin_tyco_thumb.jpgAmpower Multi-Pin Connectors Plus | TE Connectivity
Plug and receptacle housings and contacts are made from a modular mold to allow for many different configurations. Positions range from 2 to 65. Continuous current amperage ranges from 15 to 150 A.

High-Current-Connectors-312-Tyco-Electronics.jpgHigh Current Connectors .312 Centerline | TE Connectivity
AMP High Current Edge Connectors are an economical answer to the costly problem of interconnecting high current printed circuitry. Designed for a current capability of up to 30 amperes*, these connectors feature UL rated 94V-0, rugged glass-filled thermoplastic housings and high conductivity copper alloy contacts with bright tin-over-nickel plating. Contacts are on .312 [7.92] centers.

High-Current-Connectors-312-Tyco-Electronics.jpgHigh Current Pins and Sockets | TE Connectivity
Thread Mount Sockets are designed for easy installation and removal. Thread Mount pins are designed for thread mount. The Threaded Sleeve Assembly is designed for High Current in a restricted space. Crimp Pins feature a mechanism for locking the pin into a housing designed by the customer. Crimp Sockets feature a mechanism for locking the socket into a housing designed by the customer. The Thread Mount Fork was developed to mount onto a plate or bus bar designed and fabricated by the customer.

MATE-N-LOK-Connectors-240-Centerline-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMATE-N-LOK Connectors .240" Centerline, 250 v, 28 A max. | TE Connectivity
The .140 MATE-N-LOK Connector are available in 2, 3 and 9 circuit configurations for panel mounting; 4 and 9 circuit configurations for free hanging applications. Featuring standard natural nylon fully polarized housings protect contacts. Contacts accept wire size range 20-10 AWG [.5-5.0 mm2] with insulation diameters from .100 [2.54] to .180 [4.57].

250-Centerline-Universal-MATE-N-LOK-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMATE-N-LOK Connectors .250" Centerline Universal | TE Connectivity
The Universal MATE-N-LOK Connector performance characteristics are based on free hanging and panel mount connectors, loaded with contacts crimped on stranded wire.

Multiple-Point-Interface-Contacts-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMultiple Point Interface Contacts (Louvertac Bands) High Current | TE Connectivity
The Torsional Louver Type Band was designed as an electrical interface that allows the transfer of high current and a more generous tolerance between mating surfaces. A strip can be sized with scissors in an on-site installation. They are available for use in flat and circular applications. A male band is used on the outside diameter of a pin. The female band is used on the inside diameter of a socket.
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matenlok_two_thumb.jpgUniversal MATE-N-LOK II Connectors | TE Connectivity
Available in 2 through 15 circuit sizes for free hanging or panel mount wire-to-wire connection, the pins and sockets can be intermixed in the same housing. These connectors mate with standard Universal MATE-N-LOK housings and printed circuit board headers.

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