High Density (2mm & < 2mm Centerline) Connectors Product Family

TE Connectivity


centerline_box_connectors_sm.jpg<.100 Centerline Box Connectors | TE Connectivity
Box Contact Connectors are two-piece interconnects for systems requiring large numbers of contacts per connection. Featuring latched-in pin and receptacle contacts, these high density connectors offer low applied cost while maintaining high performance and reliability.

tyco_multibeam_thumb.jpgMULTIGIG RT Connector Products | TE Connectivity
The TE Connectivity MULTIGIG RT product line is a backplane interconnect family that offers flexibility and customization.

Z-PACK-2mm-FB-Futurebus.jpgZ-PACK 2mm FB (Futurebus+) Connector System | TE Connectivity
Z-PACK 2mm FB two-piece connector system uses a modular concept and a 2mm contact pitch to provide high-density, high-speed signal and power connections for Futurebus+ and Futurebus+ “like” applications. These versatile connectors are designed to meet the requirements of International Specification IEC 61076-4-104 with applications that include workstations, personal computers, process controllers and telecommunications equipment.

Z-PACK-HS3-Connectors_sm.jpgZ-PACK 2mm HM (Hard Metric) PCB Connectors | TE Connectivity
The AMP Z-PACK 2mm HM Hard Metric connector system is designed to meet the current and future needs of telecommunication, computer and instrumentation applications giving excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics at an economical price. It is a high performance, high density system with flexible configuration which offers upgrade-ability. The connector system is fully supported by TE Connectivity spice models to guarantee choosing the right product to match the application.

Z-PACK-Slim-UHD_Connectors_sm.jpgZ-PACK Slim UHD Connectors | TE Connectivity
Z-PACK Slim UHD connector system is a flexible and upgradeable system designed to fit 15 mm (0.6 inch) slot pitch applications and above. The Z-PACK Slim UHD connector has an extremely high contact density combined with excellent high speed signal performance.

tyco_z-pack_tinman_sm.jpgZ-PACK TinMan High Density Backplane Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity’s new Z-PACK TinMan backplane connector family is a cost-effective solution for customers searching for a high density, high performance backplane interconnect system.

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