High Speed Wire-to-Board Product Family

TE Connectivity


zifhd_thumb.jpgZ-PACK HM-Zd Connectors PCB Mount | TE Connectivity
Z-PACK HM-Zd connectors are one of the hottest high-speed, differential, board to backplane electrical connectors to hit the telecommunications and computer industries. It's an extension of the already established IEC 61076-4-101, Hard Metric connector family, however HM-Zd provides a differential solution for applications up to 12.5 gigabits/second.

zpack-TE-sm.jpgZ-PACK HM-Zd Plus Connectors | TE Connectivity
The Z-PACK HM-Zd Plus connector offers an increase in data rate performance to 15 - 20 Gb/s enabling a performance upgrade to reduce pcb footprint crosstalk, a tighter impedance control, a reduction of intra pair skew and an improvement in the insertion loss characteristics.

micro-strip_connectors.jpgMicro-Strip Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP Micro-Strip connectors are a high density, controlled impedance connector family compatible with the requirements of high density and high speed data transmission technologies. Each signal line within the mated connector is located at a specific distance from an integral, separable bus bar serving as a ground plane in a micro-strip configuration. The selection of housing dielectric, spacing from signal contact-to-ground plane and conductor geometry provide a specific characteristic impedance plus very low inductance and capacitance.

MICTOR-Matched-Impedance-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMICTOR Connectors (Matched Impedance Connector) | TE Connectivity
The MICTOR connector family is based on the microstrip concept of two rows of signal contacts divided by a center power ground plane. MICTOR connectors are motherboard and daughtercard compatible and include designs for cable-to-board applications.

Serial-Bus-Connector-Block-Cable-Assemblies-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMICRODOT Serial Bus Connector Block & Cable Assemblies | TE Connectivity
The MICRODOT Serial Bus Connector Block connector system comes with a six port right-angle header for PCB mount or front bulkhead mount. The connector system consists of two 22 AWG power and four 24 AWG signal pin and socket contacts for data signal and power transmission.

Z-PACK-2mm-FB-Futurebus.jpgZ-PACK 2mm FB (Futurebus+) Connector System | TE Connectivity
Z-PACK 2mm FB two-piece connector system uses a modular concept and a 2mm contact pitch to provide high-density, high-speed signal and power connections for Futurebus+ and Futurebus+ “like” applications. These versatile connectors are designed to meet the requirements of International Specification IEC 61076-4-104 with applications that include workstations, personal computers, process controllers and telecommunications equipment.

Z-PACK_2mm_HM_sm.jpgZ-PACK 2mm Hard Metric (HM) Contacts and Accessories | TE Connectivity
The AMP Z-PACK 2mm HM Hard Metric connector system is designed to meet the current and future needs of telecommunication, computer and instrumentation applications giving excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics at an economical price. It is a high performance, high density system with flexible configuration which offers upgrade-ability. The connector system is fully supported by TE Connectivity spice models to guarantee choosing the right product to match the application.

z_pack_sl_thumb.jpgZ-PACK Stripline Connectors SL 100 | TE Connectivity
Z-PACK Stripline 100 connectors have an integral ground plane between each column of contacts to provide the controlled impedance that makes them ideal for high performance systems with edge speeds as fast as 250 picoseconds. Four rows of 0.38 [.015] square posts on 2.54 x 2.54 [.100 x .100] centerlines provide 40 high speed signal lines per inch. No signal lines have to be assigned as ground reference, enabling the connectors to maximize the number of signal lines per unit area.

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