High Voltage Pre-Charge Relays Mini K HV

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TE Connectivity (TE) has been making and supporting relays around the world for almost 80 years selling approximately 1 billion each year to the automotive, aerospace, defense, marine and industrial markets. TE is leveraging its experience in the automotive and high-voltage industries to advance hybrid and electric mobility with safe, reliable, efficient solutions for hybrid, electric fuel cell vehicle batteries.

TE high voltage pre-charge relays are a cost-effective, safe, light-weight and reliable solution for pre-charging the DC high voltage power system in hybrid, full battery electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles.

High voltage pre-charge relays, Mini K HV, operates safely with two arc extinguishing magnets. Its small package and PCB mount or plug-in terminals make it an easy choice for voltage levels up to 450VDC and precharge currents and limiting break currents up to 20 Amps.


  • Safe - magnetic arc suppression
  • Prevents contact welds
  • Form X (NO DM) contact arrangement
  • Suitable for voltage levels up to 450 VDC
  • Pre-charge currents up to 20A
  • Limiting break currents up to 20A
  • Small package size - low profile
  • Light weight
  • Available with PCB mount and plug-in terminals
  • Base product, Mini K relay, has been in the market for approx. 20 years


  • DC high voltage pre-charge in hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles