IDC Connectors Centerline Level V .125 x .125 [3.18 x 3.18]

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AMPMODU Level V IDC connectors provide cost effective discrete wire connections that are compatible with today's telecommunications packaging techniques. These AMP connectors are designed to mate with .025 [0.64] sq. posts on .125 x .125 [3.18 x 3.18] centers and are comprised of double-row housings preloaded with insulation displacement receptacle contacts, snap-on hermaphroditic covers, and a full line of mass termination tooling to meet virtually every production need. For modular flexibility, connectors can be stacked end-to-end or side-to-side, maintaining a .125 x .125 [3.18 x 3.18] centerline spacing.

Covers can be furnished with and without a cable tie paddle. The covers are simply snapped onto a housing after the connector has been terminated.

The receptacle contacts feature the AMP insulation displacement crimp technique for achieving top quality, low cost terminations. These contacts employ dual cantilever beams for redundant interface with a mating post, an integral post stop to limit post mating depth and protect the crimp termination, and a wire support (strain relief) crimp to prevent accidental wire pull-out. The contacts are made of high conductivity copper alloy and are duplex plated.  


  • Termination of discrete wire sizes 26-22 AWG [0.12-0.3 mm²] as well as jacketed cable and bonded ribbon cable (conductors separated)
  • Connectors stackable end-to-end and side-to-side on .125 [3.18] centers
  • Connectors preloaded with insulation displacement receptacle contacts
  • Contact design employs dual cantilever beams, redundant insulation displacement slots, built-in post stop and wire support crimp
  • Copper alloy contacts are duplex plated
  • Snap-on covers with or without cable tie paddles
  • Full line of mass termination tooling offers lowest installed costs for all production needs
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR 7189