HDE-IDC-Cable-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgIDC & HDE Cable Connectors | TE Connectivity
These connectors are available in all–plastic or metal shell with pre–loaded insulation displacements contacts. Various wires and position sizes with no wire stripping.

216-085-IDC-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgIDC Connectors 2.16 [.085] | TE Connectivity
CHAMP Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) Connectors provide a low cost method of terminating unstripped solid or stranded copper wires and cables to connectors. Application for the CHAMP IDC Connectors are widely diversified and are designed for specific field and industrial applications.

125_125_centerline_thumb.jpgIDC Connectors Centerline Level V .125 x .125 [3.18 x 3.18] |TE Connectivity
AMPMODU Level V IDC connectors are designed to mate with .025 [0.64] sq. posts on .125 x .125 [3.18 x 3.18] centers and are comprised of double-row housings preloaded with insulation displacement receptacle contacts, snap-on hermaphroditic covers, and a full line of mass termination tooling to meet virtually every production need. For modular flexibility, connectors can be stacked end-to-end or side-to-side, maintaining a .125 x .125 [3.18 x 3.18] centerline spacing.

35mm-Pivot-Block-IDC-Terminal-Block-Tyco-Electronics.jpgIDC Terminal Blocks 3.5mm Pivot Block | TE Connectivity
The 3.5mm centerline IDC plug features an alternative to screw clamp plugs. It consists of a two-piece pluggable terminal block system which mates with 3.5mm horizontal and vertical terminal block headers.

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